Using a French Proxy to access M6 Replay

Published: 19th March 2010
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So why would anyone need to connect to a web site using a French proxy? Well I'll tell you, all across the internet there are web sites tailoring their content to specific countries. This is a concept called geotargeting, which in effect checks what country you're connecting from then customizes what you see depending on your location.

It sounds quite beneficial, this geotargeting and in some instances it actually is, for instance when you visit Google you'll be automatically directed to the local version of Google which will deliver you localised results. However in many more instances your location will be used to block yoru access to the site.

For instance, one of the most famous sites on the web, the BBC Iplayer is restricted if you try to access from a NOn-UK location, the big American media sites do the same restricting access to people outside the US for Hulu, NBC and ABC for instance. Just about every major media site restricts it's content to those who reside in that particular country.

For French TV - need a French Proxy ?

You certainly do at least for the biggest sites, take for example the French Media site M6 Replay, the vast majority of their content will be blocked unless you connect from France, and have a French IP address. Of course this is the difficult part, proxies cost a lot to run especially streaming video down them so a free one is difficult to find particularly if you need it to be from a specific country.

Can you Find a Free French Proxy

In theory it is possible, but take it from me you'll have to dedicate a large part of yoru life trying to find one. The problem is that the majority of free proxies are misconfigured or hacked servers which are usually only accessible for a few hours until they get overloaded or switched off. You can use programs like foxy proxy to find them, but it will be an ongoing task especially if you need a French proxy.

Any Other Routes to a Proxy in France ?

You can configure a free program called TOR to route through French clients, which works ok as long as you don't want to stream video as the clients are much too slow to produce a watchable stream.

The only other route is to pay a provider for access to a private French Proxy server. If you seriously want to watch French TV regularly this is the only real optioon. There are many companies who offer this service for UK and US sites but one or two that have French Proxy servers as well.

Have a look around there are a few providers, you need the connection either via a proxy or a VPN (Virtual private Network) and make sure they have a French server. Some of the online companies make you pay for access to each specific server, however there are a few companies who allow access to their entire range of servers including french ones for a single subscription - the advantage is you can select which server you need for each site.

If you'd like to read more on this issue, then have a look at my site and you can read which proxy network I subscribe to which is certainly one of the best value around, including UK, US, French, German, Irish proxies and they've even got French Proxies

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